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The Click –

We create brand identities with ideas

Whilst we specialise in creating new brands and reinventing established ones, we also design for print, advertising and digital. We’re based in Norwich and work with all kinds of clients throughout the UK.

It’s all about ‘The Click’

The Click is more than just our name. It’s at the heart of everything we do. It’s the moment we discover an insight, the moment we land a great idea, the moment you first see our work. Ultimately, it’s the moment when people connect with your brand.

Everything begins with the brand

Building brands is what we do best – and what we love most. For us, creating a brand identity is all about finding what makes you unique and expressing it in the simplest, most memorable way.

Artisan bakers, cathedrals, psychoanalysts and technology companies

Our client base includes businesses and organisations of just about every size and type, in sectors from arts and culture and consumer goods to education, professional services and public sector.

Recognition: blogs, books and awards

Our work has been recognised by leading design industry blogs, published in various branding, design and logo books, and we’ve also been lucky enough to win a few awards over the years.

We are the Nor-Folk, a design-led lifestyle brand

To celebrate ten years of the The Click, we created and launched our own brand called Nor-Folk. We design and sell apparel, homewares and regularly collaborate with other like-minded innovative brands.